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Disney Collectibles Reappear As the New Gift to Give

June 10th, 2022

Disney has been winning the hearts of young and old alike since 1923 and collecting anything Disney has been popular as well but over the last few decades it became less of an interest for adults. However, Disneyana has been making a comeback as a collectibles for adults. The items and areas of collectibles are countless and offer a wide variety for collectors. From banks, clocks, Big Little Books, figurines, vintage toys, Mickey Mouse magazines, rare Disney comic books the list goes on.

Naturally entertainment collectibles cannot be overlooked, Elvis Presley, the Beatles, and Marylin Monroe collectibles are eternal favorites but the Disney collectible has a fun connotation. They bring forth childhood memories of those fun, lovable Disney cartoons or even the pleasure of vacationing at Disney World.

The renewed interest in Disney collectibles has not only caught the attention of collectors but of antique and collectible shops.

To start collecting or dealing in Disney memorabilia, the first task is to pick up a little pocket-size guide that includes a wide variety of Disney collectibles. They are easy to carry to garage sales, estate sales, closeouts, and collectible shops. There are many to choose from but the better ones have detailed descriptions, photos, and includes the item value.

There are also loads of Disney items to collect so it is important to find the niche items that will be sold or collected. Start with what is the target customer adults or children? Are the buyers buying for nostalgic memories from childhood or for an investment? The answers to these questions are important in determining the type of inventory. For instance, if the target customer is children then the less expensive items like dolls and comic books should be stocked but if the target customer are adults then the figurines and statues might be a better choice. Furthermore if the customers are looking for nostalgia then the older dolls, hats, and books would do better. If the shoppers are looking for an investment then porcelain figures, crystal slippers, and jewelry would be best.

Disney Action Figures are very popular and should be seriously considered to be part any stores inventory or collection. Then, there should also be a selection of characters to choose from. Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Alice in Wonderland, Bambi, Donald Duck, Pinocchio, Goofy, Dumbo,101 Dalmatians, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and even the Three Little Pigs are all popular and many customers will be shopping for characters from them.

Another topic not to be overlooked is the current crop of Disney characters like Hannah Montana, Pirates of The Caribbean, Lilo and Stitch, and Kim Possible are currently popular and a nice selection of them should be offered as well.

Disney Antiques and Collectibles are being given as Christmas gifts, birthday presents, and even housewarming gifts. So it might be smart to consider Disney house-wares such as Disney towels, Disney bedding, Disney candles, Disney cookie jars, Disney lamps, Disney night-lights, Disney pillows, and Disney salt and peppershakers. Disney collectibles can make perfect gifts for special occasions such as births, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and birthdays so stocking at least some limited edition Disney dolls, figurines, lithographs, ornaments, and pins probably won’t miss either.